2016-2017 Teacher of the Year Nominee: Jean Hooper nominated Lila Vick Schob of Altadena Elementary!

by Jessica on May 15, 2017

Jean Hooper nominated Lila Vick Schob of Altadena Elementary

I would like to nominate Lila Vick Schob for Vroman’s Teacher of the Year. Ms. Schob is a special education teacher at Altadena Elementary, where she has worked for six years. Prior to that, she taught at Loma Alta Elementary in the PUSD. Ms. Schob is remarkably versatile, resourceful, and enthusiastic. I should know—I have volunteered with her at the Pasadena nonprofit, Club 21, a clearinghouse and teaching organization which supports families who have children with Down syndrome. Ms. Schob has boundless energy and expectation for her students.

We volunteer to support learning in a program called Every Child a Reader. Ms. Schob has endless strategies for reaching students of all ages. Both students and parents draw to her and respect her work. She takes the practical and makes it magical. She dreams up assignments to enliven what could seem mundane – counting money; mastering social skills; crafting stories on the iPad. All the while, Ms. Schob is simultaneously mentoring volunteers. These volunteers are Azusa Pacific University students, fellow teachers, or teen helpers form local high schools. Each follows her lead, which means students are consistently being treated with dignity, with high expectations, and with firm kindness. Ms. Schob balances the tasks of individualizing and group instruction seamlessly.
The students thrive under her direction.

Ms. Schob is as original as Mrs. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus. That is, she sees the potential learning value of what could be complex. Then she counter intuits that complexity and renders it accessible to all children. This is a demanding pursuit. Translating challenging information and bringing it to all so that they can understand and access it is tough stuff. And in addition to her classroom job, she also tutors young adults and serves as a resource instructor for Club 21. You would have to search high and low to find a teacher as devoted to her craft as Lila Schob.