2016-2017 Teacher of the Year Nominee: Mr. Byron Flitsch of Aveson Charter School!

by Jessica on May 29, 2017

Student Anabel nominated Mr. Byron Flitsch of Aveson Charter School

I think my teacher, Mr. Byron Flitsch, deserves to be named Teacher of the Year.
Mr. Byron is by far the greatest and funniest teacher I have ever had in my entire life.

Mr. Byron connects with every kid in a way I have never felt or seen before. I definitely think that we have a special connection and I am sure a lot of kids feel that way because that is how he makes you feel. Mr. Byron is always there for me when I’m sad and when I’m mad to help me talk out my feelings and figure out a solution to the problem. He celebrates being happy and enjoying life.

I love my teacher for so many reasons. First, he plays Beyonce in class. Second, he is passionate about what he does every single day. Mr. Byron wakes up every morning, and comes to school to do this difficult job with love. Have you ever dealt with eighty kids a day? I’m pretty sure it is not easy. Whether we are working on projects, discussing life lessons, or figuring out how to be the best person, Mr. Byron is there to help. His favorite answer is, “Sure, anything you need!”

Mr. Byron has inspired me to be a good person. He makes me feel like if I set my mind to something I can reach any goal. He makes people feel they have worth and should be confident. He has changed me for the better. He teaches me to research and learn about the world. He teaches me so much about random and very valuable life lessons that I think I’m going to need later in life.

I am proud to say that Mr. Byron is my teacher. Every room he walks into lights up. He is so loved because he makes everything fun even when I don’t think that’s possible. I want him to win this award because I want everyone to know that he will always be the best teacher in the world.
Mr. Byron makes the world smile!

I’m writing this because I know that he deserves this more than any teacher. I truly believe there is no other teacher that deserves this award more than Mr. Byron. Please give this award to Mr. Byron.

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