25 Things You Don’t Know About Demetria

by Ruby on January 4, 2012

Demetria is the manager at Vroman’s Hastings Ranch. She’s been working here for nine years! Here are 25 things you don’t know about her:

  1. I am Greek & Norwegian
  2. Demetria is the Greek equivalent of Jane/Janie
  3. I am originally from Iowa
  4. I have a brother & sister who live in Minnesota & Iowa
  5. My son’s name is Justin Fisk – Fisk after baseball’s Carlton Fisk
  6. I love baseball & Ichiro
  7. JFK drove by my house in Iowa & waved at me – gorgeous man!
  8. I love all cats big & small
  9. My cat family tree: Bear (current), Willie, Kiefer, Buckwheat, Prudence, Hubble, Athelstan, Munts, & Lucifer (Munts is Norwegian and means Rascal)
  10. I try to swim every day
  11. I have a paralegal certificate
  12. I LOVE Eric Burdon & have a pillowcase with his picture on it (give me a break I made it when I was 14)
  13. I no longer have my picture taken, everyone feels so free to post on the internet!
  14. Actress Viveca Lindfors (Stargate) is my photo stand-in and we have the same birthday (We were NOT born in the same year TEE)
  15. I moved to CA in 1971 & stayed at the YWCA in Long Beach – scary!
  16. Which reminds me – I love horror films, movies in general & Woody Allen
  17. I watch so much TV I probably glow in the dark
  18. I had a frog named Stromboli & a lizard named Elgernon
  19. I hate eggs
  20. A “Demetria Special” at McDonalds is a small coffee, small fry & a sundae
  21. My favorite snack is white popcorn with salt & butter & a side of Evian water
  22. My favorite flowers are Lilac, Peony and Lily of the Valley
  23. I keep a dream diary
  24. I like wandering around cemeteries
  25. I’m afraid to fly