5 Bookish Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

by Jessica on February 12, 2018

By Kelly

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for us to show and celebrate the love we have for those important to us: our books. We’re just kidding of course. But, there is a way to incorporate your penchant for books when you are celebrating this Valentine’s. Whether you are spending it with your significant other, partner, family, children, friends, or yourself, here are 5 bookish ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Literary Valetine's Day

1. Give a “punny” card.

Demonstrate your love with a pun-tastic Valentine’s Card. Bonus points if the pun is literary, but really any pun will do. Below are some of our favorites that we carry in the store. Or if you are creatively inclined you can always make your own!

2. Go on a blind date with a book.

Blind dates with books can be a fun and adventurous way to broaden your reading horizons. Have someone pick out a book for you to read, without telling you what it is about first. Our booksellers would be happy to help pair you up with the perfect blind date.

Literary Valentine's Day

3. Have a bookish game night.

Gather all your friends for a night of literary themed games. Some fun games to play include Bring Your Own Book, where participants use lines from books to satisfy prompts. We also love Bards Dispense Profanity, which is similar to Cards Against Humanity. But in this version all answers come from Shakespeare’s Plays. And of course, who wouldn’t want to find clues and solve mysteries like Sherlock Holmes?

4. Spend the day in a bookstore.

Treat yourself to a day surrounded by books, and spend Valentine’s Day with us. If you can’t make to us in Pasadena, never fear! With great bookstores like Book Soup, The Last Bookstore, Skylight, Small World Books and all of our other friends, you have access to books no matter where you are!

Literary Valentine's Day

5. Make a dinner inspired by your favorite character or novel.

Nothing says Iove like a home cooked meal. Why not make food straight out of your favorite novel? Whip up some butterbeer or mutton in onion ale broth to share with the ones you love.


No matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you spend it surrounded by those you love. Happy Valentine’s Day friends.