Teacher of the Year Nomination – Robyn Wehrly

by Jessica on May 14, 2016

Ryan C. Eisenberg. nominated Robyn Wehrly of Hillsides Education Center.

It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate Robyn Wehrly for teacher of the year. Robyn’s passion for teaching and learning, her dedication to our school community, and her endless commitment to providing high quality education to youth with significant social-emotional and learning needs is unrivaled. Over the last eleven years, Robyn has served as an extraordinary instructor in a highly challenging environment, displaying effective and innovative instruction, as well as the caring, compassion, and empathy needed to build strong relationships, enabling her to create opportunity for students who have historically struggled in their schooling.

Robyn is a skilled instructor that could teach in any setting, public or private. She chooses to work for a non-public school setting where she acknowledges the day-to-day difficulties, because she has a passionate belief that our students deserve high standards and effective teachers, in order to help them grow, learn, and find opportunity in their lives. Robyn works tirelessly to plan and deliver curriculum that meets the dynamic needs of our students, while maintaining high standards and an ethical accountability that is a standard for every teacher I bring to our school. Her commitment is demonstrated time and time again, through her long hours, her willingness to assist other teachers, her assuming our role as registrar within our school beyond her teaching, her extraordinary involvement in our WASC accreditation, and in her ability to make time for individual students to help them meet their learning goals.

A true passion for literature and love of learning enables Robyn to create excitement in her classroom. During my five years as Robyn’s supervisor, I see countless students returning to visit Robyn, or call Robyn, as she established strong relationships, and helped provide them with guidance towards their futures. Robyn sparks excitement within our school as well, helping involve our school community in projects, such as the El Deafo project through Vroman’s, just last year.
Robyn once told me her goal was to be as committed as another veteran teacher at Hillsides. That teacher served our setting for more than 30 years, a feat unheard of in the non-public community. Now, I hear newer teachers and our teacher aides who aspire to be a teacher say the same thing about Robyn. HEC, non-public schools, and highly specialized special education settings for students with significant social-emotional and learning needs are challenging places to work. Our students offer behavioral, social, and learning challenges that often create a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to create growth. Robyn’s commitment to solving this puzzle, to providing high standard instruction,
and to meeting the diverse and dynamic needs of our setting are more then words can describe. She loves learning, loves teaching, and is a true professional in her field.