Links: Tournament of Books, Serials, and Much More!

by Patrick on March 19, 2009

I know you’re all fiending for a blog post after a rare silent day yesterday.  I can see you shaking and shivering like a wet dog, counting the change in your pockets, and…I think that’s as far as I can stretch this particular metaphor.  Here are some links for you to enjoy.

  • BOMB Magazine and Art International Radio are serializing Gary Indiana’s latest novel, The Shanghai Gesture, in mp3 podcast form.  This is a pretty interesting way to drive interest in a forthcoming novel (The Shanghai Gesture will be published by Two Dollar Radio in April).
  • Carrie Brownstein, of the band Sleater-Kinney, just scored a book deal for her book The Sound of Where You Are, which, according to Publishers Weekly, will describe “the dramatically changing dynamic between music fan and performer, from the birth of the iPod and the death of the record store to the emergence of the “you be the star” culture of American Idol and the ensuing dilution of rock “mystique.””  Sounds interesting.  Knowing Brownstein, she’ll likely have something to say other than “wah wah wah everything was better when I was a kid.”  Via Rachel Kramer Bussel’s amazing, surprising and entertaining Tumble blog.
  • I was thinking about this on my way into work today:  the newspaper machine will soon be as hard to find as the cigarette machine.  True or false?  I think true.  Then I saw this photo via Boing Boing showing a graveyard of newspaper machines.  That the photo has nothing to do with struggling newspapers is, I think, incidental.
  • The Millions has created an interactive atlas of independent bookstores using a collaborative Google map.  So far, people have added stores in dozens of states as well as New Zealand and…Malta.  Vroman’s has already been added, but check to see if your other favorites are up yet.  This is what makes the web great.