A Feast of Links

by Patrick on January 19, 2009

People have already rocked today’s trivia clue. I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow, but in the meantime, I’ve got a few links to pass along.

  • The new issue of Avery Anthology will be at Vroman’s soon. It features stories by Hannah Tinti, Kevin Canty, Edan Lepucki and others. I recommend you pick it up. It will be in the literary anthology area, over by hardcover fiction. You will know it by its trail of awesomeness.
  • Is The Washington Post eliminating Book World, its weekly book section?
  • Molly Young on Playboy at n+1. (Safe for work, by the way.)

    The first thing that strike the casual reader is the anatomical variety among bunnies. Nipples, for one thing. Some are as big as cupcakes, others are the size of a penny. They are occasionally erect and come in a range of colors as varied as drugstore lipsticks. Pubic hair is another delight to behold, appearing first in 1971 and thriving until 1997.