A Guest Post by our Summer Intern Kennedy

by Jessica on August 13, 2015

Some of you may or may not know that we had our first ever Summer Intern this year.
In the most simplest terms, Kennedy was amazing!
We’re extremely sad to lose her this week (her last day was Monday 8/10)
but we know she’ll go on to do some pretty great things.
Since we all thought she was the best we asked her to write a guest piece about what her experience was like through her eyes. Here’s a short piece by Kennedy Brown!

The Summer Intern

Being the first intern at Vroman’s Bookstore was, to be honest, a nerve-wracking thought. I had heard word from my teacher that they were offering a summer intern position at Vroman’s and tried to jump on the chance, without completely comprehending that I may be working at one of the biggest independent bookstores in Southern California. Once I had gotten the call that I had been accepted for the spot, and would have to be coming in for an official interview, I remember freezing. I had never had a real interview before, none the less a “job.” To say I was a nervous wreck was the understatement of the century. After a lot of ‘woosah’ moments, the day of my interview had come. I took the trip up to Vroman’s, met with Ms. Jennifer Ramos and had my first ever real interview. And it went . . . GREAT! Ms. Jen was tremendously assuring and I was even introduced to everyone that same day. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly. I couldn’t wait to start working.

Just being at Vroman’s was an amazing experience amongst itself. Every day, something new and exciting would come up for me to do, and I loved doing work in each department. In Kids, I was given tasks like shelving, helping customers, and even worked on a big project during the first couple days of working, organizing and got a behind the scenes look at ARC copies. That was super fun to help out with. The employees who work in Kids seem like they love going to work every day and that was really helpful for me seeing a positive work environment.  In Pen & Stationary, I helped shelve, sort, and count all the merchandise as well as work on another big writing project for the Summer-Winter sales. I had a chuckle at that one, seeing as how early the store set up for the festive season of Christmastime. P & S definitely knows how to have fun during the day by keeping the jokes cracking. Then in Books, I did loads of observing and shelving which allowed me to gain customer service experience as well as learn how to shelve properly. A learning process indeed. And finally in Promo, which is where I reported every day, I met four amazing people who excel at what they do. Being in Promo was probably the place where I was given the best tasks. They all put a lot of trust in me not to screw things up and I took it all in stride by always doing the best I could.

Each and every single employee who works at Vroman’s is a dedicated, amazing person who I am so thankful for meeting, working with, and learning from. Vroman’s bookstore has definitely helped me shape who I am and who I want to be in the future. There wasn’t a day I woke up and wasn’t excited to go into work. To be honest, I can tell you all about how remarkable the bookstore is and how great it is to work there, but the truth is, Vroman’s wouldn’t be half of what it is today without the truly amazing people behind it. Each department is full of staff that are committed to helping out customers to their full ability. Just being able to experience that for 3 months was an eye-opening opportunity that I will cherish forever. They really gave me a chance to shine, and be myself,
while also shaping me to be at my utmost potential.
To all Vroman’s employees and staff, I want to say thank you as a customer, an intern, and a friend.