A LOVE-ly Tradition of Visiting Vroman’s (A Book Store Love Story)!

by Jessica on February 11, 2017

Bookstore Love Stories continues with this adorable story from Bonnie!
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by Bonnie

Vroman’s Book Store is a lovely quaint place to find peace, adventure, and some mindful solitude. Whenever I am in the area I must stop by and peak inside to get a quick mini-mind vacation.

It is also a common destination that I frequent with my love, Mario. We have been together nearly 2 years now and often walk to and fro. When we are out and about at the movie theater, or at a local cafe, or after a trip to the local museums, we must stop at Vroman’s.  It is a romantic stop for a welcome pensive mood and mental collaboration.
We get excited to discuss the many treasures.

Good communication and conversation are important to any relationship. Vroman’s gives us this opportunity to browse, think, and to finally come together again with new ideas and adventures. Books are an amazing way to enlighten any relationship. The two of us already often enjoy reading books, the newspaper, as well as a plethora of interesting articles. It makes sense that Vroman’s is also a place of romance and further adventure. It’s a compliment to Vroman’s to say that this local establishment has enlightened our lives together. We are happy together because we always challenge each other intellectually. We are happy at Vroman’s because it is a wonderful place of mindful and romantic stimulation! Thank you, Vroman’s! We continue to enjoy strolling in and out together. Hope to continue this lovely tradition for many more years to come!

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