A Sampling of Monday Mentions Just For You!

by Jessica on April 27, 2015

Let’s take a stroll into the Kid’s Section, shall we? Our Children’s booksellers are so good at what they do and really love being there for everything you need. Here are a few suggestions straight from them to you.

Seven Wild Sisters: A Modern Fairy Tale
By Charles De Lint, Charles Vess

“Enchanting, modern fairy tale! The companion book to “The Cats of Tanglewood Forest” (also fantastic), Sarah Jane is the middle child of seven sisters. She loves Aunt Lillian’s wild tales of fairy folk, but only believes in them when she saves a ginseng fairy from the clan of bee fairies. This puts her and her sisters in harm’s way. But with some quick thinking by Sarah Jane, she and her sisters cleverly escape. So much fun!

Recommended by Karrie

I Need My Monster
By Amanda Noll, Howard McWilliam

“Grown-ups have some strange ideas about monsters under beds.” Humorous & imaginative, Ethan interviews substitute monsters when he finds his monster, Gabe, has “Gone fishing.” But not one has claws as fierce, drool as ominous, or can make sounds as scary. How will Ethan ever get to sleep? Captivating illustrations. Great story. New favorite monster story.

Recommended by Ashlee

Grandpa Green 
By Lane Smith

An enchanting picture book about a grandpa who has lived a full life and is remembered through his plant sculptures. This is a great read for anyone dealing with an aging parent or grandparent about the legacy we live, even when we forget.

Recommended by Dawn

Little Hoot
By Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Jen Corace

Illustrated by Jen Corace, whose genius for very round, very adorable, highly expressive faces is unrivaled, this is a book that cutes me out so much I can hardly stand it. When Little Hoot, a young owl who has a healthy social life and above-average intelligence gets into trouble, it is because he wants to go to bed early. His parents gently but firmly insist on very late nights. This is reverse psychology at its creative best!

Recommended by Jeeyeon

By Samantha Berger, Kristyna Litten

Snuggleford Cuddlebun is the sleepiest sloth in all of Snoozerville. When the opportunity arrives to attend Snoozefest, she does not hesitate to go. Surrounded by all the best sleepers in the Nuzzle dome, Snuggleford is sure to have sweet dreams. This story is guaranteed to give little ones a new appreciation for one of my favorite activities – sleep.

Recommended by Jen