Allison Hill Talks Teacher of the Year!

by Jessica on May 29, 2017

By Allison Hill

Of all the wonderful experiences and great joys that make up my job, I think my favorite is judging the Vroman’s Teacher of the Year Award. I am one of several judges given the great honor of reading essays submitted by our customers celebrating their teachers. I read though the nominations one day at an outdoor café during a lunch break and quickly realized that this was not a job to be done in public; I found myself moved to tears over and over again. Students wrote of teachers who had ignited in them a love of reading and a desire to learn, teachers who made learning fun, teachers who made students feel important and loved. Parents wrote of teachers who consistently went above and beyond in their jobs, teachers who had changed their children’s lives, and in some cases even saved them.

Over the years I have been lucky to have my own extraordinary teachers whose lessons have lasted me a lifetime: Mrs. Brittain, my badass fourth grade teacher who set expectations high and inspired me to meet them, not for her, but for myself. Mrs. Dewey, my 7th grade teacher whose lessons on diagramming sentences taught me not only sentence structure but how to think of words as building blocks to create new worlds and make my voice heard. Professor Vance, who changed the way I saw the world and my role in it.

Our winning teacher this year is so deserving and we are thrilled to bestow this title on her and take this opportunity to celebrate her.

We know that there are countless other teachers in our community doing this great work every day and that the real winners are our children and we say thank you.

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