Announcing our 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year!

by Jessica on May 5, 2016

It came as no surprise to us that there were so many wonderful teachers in our community. It was hard to pick just one Teacher of the Year. We appreciate everyone that took the time to submit a teacher that has impacted them or their child’s life.
They were such a pleasure to read! 

My Best Teacher
by Josie (5th Grader at Aveson Charter)
Teachers. They are the core of every good life. If you have a good teacher, then you will find more opportunities and open doors in your future. My teacher Mr. Byron is more than just my teacher. He
is my mentor. He is the one who will help to shape my future life. Mr.Byron brings fun and interaction into learning. He isn’t blind to unfairness, and knows what is going on in the classroom. And most
Importantly, he is always there for everyone, no matter who. Mr. Byron has the biggest imagination of any teacher that I have ever met. When we were learning about healthy living, he had us write
an informational essay on a fad diet of our choice. He explained the different paragraphs not as paragraphs, but as the layers of a hamburger. All of the students, including me, took to the idea with
enthusiasm and fell on the once thought tedious task of writing an essay with excitement.

Over the school year, there have been several dramatic happenings, like bullying, teaming up against others, big arguments, and plenty of others. And every time, Mr. Byron has brought us together
on the carpet, and talked to us about what is happening, and asked us why we think that it might be happening. Sometimes a student will feel really bad about what is being said and will leave the room. Mr. Byron doesn’t go after them, or tell them to come back. He just lets them go, and talks to them later, in private, to comfort them and get their opinion, not to harass them. Sometimes, when I have a hard time at home or at school, Mr. Byron is always there for me. Once I was feeling so upset that I sat
and read in the bathroom instead of going to class. When Mr. Byron found out, he didn’t scold me. He didn’t punish me. Instead he just sat with me and listened to what was wrong, and offered his ideas about what I could do to try and solve my problems. And ever since, whenever I feel bad, instead of going and hiding away, I go and talk with Mr. Byron.

Over the years I have had many teachers, good and bad. But never have I had a teacher such as Mr. Byron. He brings imagination and creativity into the classroom. He knows when things are going on
in his class, and he is always there to talk to us whenever anyone is upset. These are just a few of the wonderful things that he does for me, my classmates, my school, and my whole life. That is why I think
that Mr. Byron deserves this award, and I know that he would spend it all on suggestions from the students, and things that would bring fun and learning into the classroom.

Since there were so many great submissions we will be posting them
on the Vroman’s Blog.
You can find them here over the coming weeks.
Thank you again to everyone that participated!