Are You Receiving the Essential?

by Patrick on July 14, 2009

Today we released the second issue of our monthly newsletter of recommended reads.  For those of you not on The Essential list, here’s what you’re missing:

  • A handful of the best and newest literary fiction and non-fiction, lovingly written up by our talented booksellers;
  • Clean, user-friendly design;
  • Lists!  Each issue of The Essential includes lists of new fiction and non-fiction in paperback as well as a wild card list.  This month’s wild card list was The 5 Essential Story Collections You Need to Read.

To get a taste of what you’re missing, click here (unfotunately, no lists, but you get the general idea).  We launched The Essential because we felt that, in a world where everyone is telling you how to spend your time and your money, our (hopefully) trusted voices might help cut through the noise to what really matters:  good writing.  We aim to feature books you might have otherwise missed (debut novels, books by indie publishers, etc.) but the first criteria is always good writing.

If you’d like to sign up for The Essential, shoot us an email at pbrown at vromansbookstore dot com with the subject line SIGN ME UP.  And then we will.