Arroyo Food Co-op has 500 members!

by Rachel on July 5, 2012

Today’s blog post is brought to you by The Arroyo Food Co-Op.   They are a very active member of the local community and Vroman’s has hosted some of their events in the past, including The New Food Activism with authors Robert Gottlieb and Erik Knutzen and Eating Healthy, Sustainably, and Mindfully.

In March 2008, the Arroyo Food Co-op began meeting as a group of people interested in creating a cooperative grocery store in the Pasadena/ Altadena area. They are now well on their way to reaching their goal, as they just announced that group has reached their membership goal!

The Arroyo Food Co-op Now Has Over 500 Members!
Submitted by Rachel Reed of the Arroyo Food Co-op

On July 3rd, the Arroyo Food Co-op welcomed its 500th member, paving the way for the community-owned grocery store to take its next step toward opening its doors in the Pasadena/Altadena area. “We are very excited to reach this milestone,” said Tricia Keane, President of the Co-op’s Board of Directors. “We have 500 friends in our corner rooting for us to get this store open, which means we are that much closer to bringing local, sustainable, and just plain good food to the community.”

With 500-plus members, the co-op can now launch its capital campaign, which will seek funding through a combination of member investments, member loans, and grants. This milestone also means the co-op will be able to commit to a location once a suitable property is found. The co-op recently engaged the services of a realtor to scout for locations throughout Altadena and northern Pasadena, and has set a goal of opening in the first quarter of 2013.

The Arroyo Food Co-op will serve as an alternative to the corporate-owned grocers in the community and will be entirely owned by its members. Essential to the co-op’s mission is empowering its members to make informed consumer choices. It will offer organic, sustainably and locally sourced products along with humanely raised meats, fair trade items, and non-GMO produce. Features such as a deli, coffee bar, and garden area are also being considered.

Everyone is welcome to shop at the co-op, but those who make an investment and become member-owners receive additional benefits, including patronage refunds during profitable years. The full investment is $300; however the co-op offers a payment plan of $30 per year. For more information about how to join and the co-op’s upcoming community events, please visit the Arroyo Food Co-op website.