At The Movies

by Jessica on December 16, 2015

December 8, 2015

Written by Yvonne

Oscar season is coming. It is time for the best contenders for the Academy Awards to make their film circuit debut, and so I’ve decided to showcase several products that remind me of the red carpet.

First, is the limited edition Montblanc Alfred Hitchcock 3000 fountain pen. This special pen has a cap and barrel that is inspired by the stair-way effect from the movie Vertigo. The clip is in the form of a knife, which pays homage to one of his most famous movies, Psycho. The lettering from the cap ring is taken from a film roll. His portrait is etched onto the nib, which is made of 18K gold and rhodium-plated. The pen also comes with 925 Sterling Silver fittings with special effect lacquer on the cap and barrel and features a piston mechanism. The pen comes in a case shaped like a roll of film and an acrylic clapper board display.

Camera, rolling, ready, action.

Record your best memories on these sticky notes, which come in the shape of camera roll, complete with material reminiscent of celluloid. Each roll contains 80 frames/sheets.

Keep your pencils sharp with our camera pencil sharpener in the shape of a vintage hand crank camera. The sharpener has an adjustable knob and features a pull out tray for shavings.

Send a message with these boxed thank you notes, which resemble silent film frames. The envelopes come with a small motif at the top.

Write notes on stickets sticky notes in the shape of movie tickets. These come in four vibrant colors.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Compartes gourmet chocolate bars, in two unique flavors, Old Hollywood and The Drive In. The Drive In is a caramelized popcorn milk chocolate bar made from three different types of popcorn, while Old Hollywood is a dark chocolate bar with smoked sea salt. Packaging for Old Hollywood is accented with art deco patterns in black and white; The Drive In features popcorn spotlights and a sea of cars. Both are crafted in Los Angeles.