Author Jennifer Weiner Makes Love Blossom (A Book Store Love Story)

by Jessica on February 7, 2017

Hi Friends! Today, in the lead up to and in honor of Valentine’s Day we are
starting a new series called Book Store Love Stories.

Bookstores are great meeting places. They are places to meet up with friends, your book club, a place to spend time with family. All true but what about a place to find love? Recently, we put the call out for your stories of love in our bookstore. Maybe it was a meet cute, a first date or a first kiss. Maybe Vroman’s is just a happy, special place for you to spend time with your loved one. We wanted to hear them all! We were enchanted by the stories we received. Very sweet & most certainly heart warmers.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

We are still accepting stories, so please don’t hesitate to send us yours!


Natalie wrote to us with this sweet story about her supportive
boyfriend and a trip to see her favorite author at Vroman’s!

by Natalie

I’ve been addicted to Jennifer Weiner books since I read Good In Bed. So when she came to Vroman’s to promote her new book at the time, The Next Best Thing, there was NO WAY I was going to miss it. I was dating my boyfriend at the time who was only into surfing and anything that had to do with being outdoors and nowhere near a book. While I could stay cooped up for hours reading a book, he got fidgety after five minutes of sitting down. When no one wanted to drive out to Vroman’s with me to go meet my idol, I was bummed but still willing to drive the hour (in traffic) to Pasadena to hear her read and hopefully meet her.

I told him I was headed there alone and he offered to come. I told him, “but you hate books, and you hate my chic books even more.

He shrugged and told me that he didn’t want me to have to drive alone. So he drove me to Vroman’s and even stood in line with me so he could take a picture on his phone (mine had died—of course) of Jennifer and I. While she read and talked about her book he paid attention and didn’t fidget even once. After he took the picture he even posted the picture to his Facebook. I was so surprised by how much he paid attention and how he was almost into it as much as I was. When I asked him what was up he just said, “I was happy to see you so happy and excited.” After that I knew we would get married and two years later we did. He has been the best thing in the world since (even better than Jennifer Weiner— sorry Jen!


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