Back with the Links

by Patrick on April 29, 2009

You know what we should all stop saying?  Hump Day.  It’s worse than TGIF, and not just for its icky sexual implications.  Anyway, it’s been too long since I’ve put together one of my signature link posts (ie, the classic “I don’t know what to write about so I’ll just point out what other people have taken the time to write” post), so here’s one.

  • As Jason Kottke has pointed out, the trailer for Julie & Julia is out.  Is this the first movie based on a blog (I know it’s based on a book, but the book was originally a blog and ergo, blog to movie)?  I think it might be.  In any case, I’m excited for the movie for a number of reasons.  1.  It has Amy Adams in it, and she is excellent.  2.  It’s about cooking.  Movies about cooking are an underrated genre.  3.  It has Chris Messina in it.  He’s the best actor you haven’t heard of, and the subject of a serious man-crush on my part.
  • Speaking of highly-anticipated adaptations, the first still from The Lovely Bones is out, and it isn’t your average film still.  (Thanks to Kim for the tip).
  • The Millions has posted the schedule for its walking tour of NYC independent bookstores.  If you are in New York this weekend and not going on this tour, you need to seriously reevaluate your priorities.
  • The Justice Department is looking into Google’s deal with authors and publishers. Is Amazon next?
  • Triple Canopy is one of the best web-magazines around, and this piece on Jeff Krulik, the documentarian behind Heavy Metal Parking Lot, is superb.  Check it out.