Book News Before Thanksgiving

by Patrick on November 25, 2009

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day we all gather to celebrate the core American values that Sarah Palin is always talking about:  football, turkey and napping in the afternoon.  I will be preparing a Maple Pecan Pie (with bourbon!) from the most ambitious cookbook I own, the difficult but rewarding Tartine.  It should be fun (eating it, not making it).

All Vroman’s locations will be closed on Thanksgiving, so the blog will be quiet for sure.  Use the time you would usually spend mocking my grammatical errors to tell a family member they’re speaking too loudly.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is going to be wild, of course.  At Vroman’s, we’ll be offering “Green Light Specials” from 9 – 4.  Every hour, on the hour, we’ll announce a 40% off sale on a specific item or two in the store.  That item will be on sale for one hour only, and you must be in the store to purchase it.  It shall be a blast, I’m sure.  (You can follow on Twitter (@vromans) to find out what the items will be 10 minutes in advance, by the way).

Finally, a few literary-ish tidbits to carry you through the most glorious meal of the year.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  • I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with Edan Lepucki and her fine family.  Perhaps we will discuss literary sausage parties.  “In 2004, all of the National Book Award nominees for fiction were female. I remember my annoyance at how much gender was discussed that year. “What about the books themselves?” I kept crying. But, look at me now, lamenting that only sausages got invited to the Top 10 Publishers Weekly party.”
  • This list of the 25 Scariest Moments in Non-Horror Movies got me thinking about the same thing, but with books (this being a bookstore blog and all).  Of course, any list like this has to take into account genre issues — is Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply a horror novel?  I would say no, but others might disagree.  Anyway, here’s what I came up with, and feel free to add your own in the comments:
  1. The prison castration scene in 2666.
  2. The hand amputation scene in Await Your Reply.
  3. Pretty much any scene from The Collector.
  • Lastly, lest we end on too terrifying a note, we held a fashion show last weekend to celebrate the launch of our new Kid’s Clothing Corner.  As you can see from this video, our models actually eat (goldfish and fruit jells, mostly) but they’re every bit the divas as their older counterparts.  Enjoy.