Books that will Change your Life

by Ruby on February 7, 2012

Today’s post comes from Ingrid, who works with the cashiers.

How many times have you finished a book and felt like it was the end of a relationship? That longing feeling lingered in your system and seeped into your subconscious. I know, I’ve been there. Now, there are books that are as memorable as last year’s Thanksgiving and THEN there are the ones that devour your senses and cut away at you like your first kiss. Here’s my list:

The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho
The PilgrimageI know what you’re thinking, another biography about finding yourself? I assure you this one will put into perspective most things that lay dormant in most of us. Like the title suggests, the book is about a journey, both literal and spiritual. If you’re a wanderlust and have no funds to support such a habit this book will act a tour guide exploring northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella. I’m not the kind of person who easily falls for a writer but Coelho has left an imprint on my soul like no other. He’s also a love him or hate him type of writer SO if his tendencies to go into a realm that’s too confusing or just plain unreal/surreal gets in the way then he’s not for you. Otherwise indulge in the meditative pleasures of finding yourself within the pages of this book.

Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken
Chariots of the GodsOur world is so vast and so full of mysteries it’s easy to cast it aside as tumultuous and get caught in a bubble. Life, if we let it, can become monotonous, moving along to the same drum beat day after boring day. The very FACT that we’re here with blood  running through our veins stirs my emotions to a point that can be clinically called Obsessive. Erich von Däniken came out with this masterpiece back in 1968. While Nixon declared his presidential candidacy and the US State Department announced the highest US casualties in the Vietnam War, Däniken introduced a hypothesis that declared with a vociferous voice that our civilization was indeed visited by what he refers to as “ancient astronauts”. Far out, right? But the evidence, THE EVIDENCE that lies in those pages is nothing short of incredible. Take a read for yourself and dare to question our existence!

Tiger Tiger by Margaux Fragoso
Tiger TigerSexual abuse is not an easy subject to tackle in any form; especially if the predator isn’t referred to as such and is instead humanized by its victim. This book is more of a long poem within a modern timeline. A prose tinged with perversion and innocence. My heart and respect go out to Mrs. Fragoso for not only having to re-live her situation by writing this memoir but for surviving it; for helping those who have been in similar circumstances and exposing herself indirectly without compromising her incredible gift as a writer. A bittersweet book that will haunt and inspire you well after you read it.

The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci
Power of KindnessIt’s hard to imagine a compassionate world if we were to base it on current events. Personally, this book really made me question myself and my everyday actions towards the people I love and those I have yet to meet. The benefits of living a happy life go hand in hand with spiritual growth. Ferrucci doesn’t scold you into submission but instead takes a sincere and gentle approach into helping you realize how simple and beneficial it is to let kindness be your guide. Everyone can benefit from this book but remember to leave your EGO at the door.

Got any recommendations on books that changed your life? Let me know, I’m ALWAYS open to suggestions. It’s hard to stay in the know with so much literature and so little time…