Borders: An Indie’s Perspective Part 2

by Ruby on July 19, 2011

After just over five months of bankruptcy proceedings, Borders announced yesterday that it would be sold to a liquidator, who will close the remaining locations, laying off 11,000 employees. You can read the press release here.

This news has hit the book community hard, and I’ve seen an outpouring of support, hopeful thoughts for the displaced Borders booksellers, and expressions of love for both local Borders locations and nearby independents that have managed to survive and thrive so far. Our sympathies and best wishes go out to the booksellers and their families who are being laid off – as you may know, many of our booksellers started out at Borders, so it is a personal loss for many of their friends. As I said back when Borders first announced their bankruptcy, Vroman’s has been here for 116 years, and we plan to keep being here as long as we can. It did seem like a good moment, however, to remind everyone to shop local. Not just at Vroman’s, but whatever bookstore is closest to you (if there is one), the local mom-and-pop grocery store, consignment clothing shop… anything.

That said, everyone knows this is a tough time for the book industry, but Vroman’s and I wanted to take the oppourtunity to thank our wonderful community (both online and off) for their support. From people who buy all of their books here to those that can only stop in occasionally or shop online, thank you! We appreciate every minute of browsing, every purchase made, every time you have stopped by to chat, or kept in touch via the internet. Keep it up, and we’ll do the same!

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    Amber G 07.22.11 at 8:59 am

    Our deepest sympathy goes out to the workers at Borders. It’s a sad day when any bookstore has to close its doors. I’ve personally been through the loss of a job due to company bankruptcy and you just have to keep your chin up!

    Mark Dore 07.27.11 at 8:20 pm

    My mother, Tamra Dore, has owned an independent bookstore, Katy Budget Books, in Texas for 27 years. I’ve grown up as a reader in an indie store, and I know first-hand the struggles faced by the book industry as a whole. Many people assume that the closing of Borders is a great thing for independents, one less competitor and all that. In actuality, it’s a troubling sign of the industry that a big-box store like Borders can fold.

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