Bottega Favorita Challenge: Okay, We All Win

by Patrick on April 17, 2009

A few weeks ago I posted about our incredible dinner of food from the Bottega Favorita Cookbook.  I had mentioned that other stores were also taking part in the challenge.  The results are now in, and it turns out that I was presumptuous.  We all won.  Check out the delicious meal that the folks at Vintage Books in Vancouver, WA cooked up.  That pasta looks really good.

And then there’s Chapter One Books in Hamilton, MT, who chose the challenge as a way to launch a new blog “Chapter One-ders.” (“As in, I wonder whatever happened to the Oneders?”)  They had a great menu, including Mirtillo (blueberry) Martinis, and a warm cream cheese tart with cinnamon and almonds that looks divine.  Their post is very well-written and gives you a great sense of what the meal was like.  Check it out.

Bookdwarf has a post about the dinner the Harvard Book Store folks put on.  They put me to shame, as they took the dish that I made — ricotta & beet crostinis — but took it two steps further by making their own bread and their own ricotta (seriously).

And lastly, the people from Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA made a very cool video of their meal.  So they win, too.  Obviously.  Okay, we all win.