Charlie White at Printed Matter this Saturday

by Patrick on April 14, 2009

I’m not usually in the business of linking to other bookstore’s events, but if you’re in New York this weekend, you should definitely head over to Printed Matter for artist Charlie White’s signing:

Aiming for the jugular of the American unconscious, the photographs of Los Angeles-based artist Charlie White inspect the culture’s fictions through staged artifice, reminiscent of, say, Jeff Wall or Gregory Crewdson. American Minor delves into an important and ongoing theme in White’s work—the American teen, and all that goes into its manufacture.

Having approached this theme with an earlier project whose protagonist was a hairy, fragile doll named Joshua, here White tackles the taboos of nascent sexuality in the American teen girl—both the vulnerability of that sexuality as a topic and the ruthlessness with which it is exploited when it goes unexamined.

If you haven’t seen White’s new book American Minor please do click through and check it out.  It’s a beautiful edition and thought-provoking to say the least.  The signing is Saturday, April 18, from 5 – 7 p.m. at Printed Matter (195 Tenth Avenue New York, NY 10011). For those attending the event, White has a limited edition poster for a forthcoming exhibition in Norway that he will be signing and giving away with purchased copies.

As an added bonus, here are  some link to White’s cartoon OMG BFF LOL. Mall Bathroom Bedroom