Check out Maurice’s L.A. Magazine Piece!

by Jessica on August 17, 2015

Our very own Maurice, who is our IT Consultant, has a write-up in the latest issue of
L.A. Magazine – the Best of L.A. Issue on Horchata.
I’m sure by now you’ve seen it on newsstands everywhere.
But have you seen Maurice’s piece? You can read the full piece below this intro.
I think we can all enjoy this cool treat with this
heat wave we’ve been having!
L.A. Magazine doesn’t have the full 2015 list up on their site yet but to check out past winners or check out more of what L.A. Mag has to offer head to their official site HERE.

Onto Maurice’s piece:


Creamy, icy, and punched up with cinnamon, the rice-based beverage is a bracing antidote to sweltering afternoons. The drink originated in Spain and eventually spread across Latin America, where each region put its own spin on the refreshment. At Monte Alban, try the Oaxacan interpretation, a mix of pink prickly pear sorbet with bits of cantaloupe, lime and nuts. But the premier version of the classic, less-adorned horchata is at GUISADOS, where the rich blend of whole milk and ground rice is so thick, the cinnamon is suspended throughout. Add Stumptown cold-pressed coffee and you’ve got a horchata latte.
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