CupCake Wrecks

by Ruby on June 17, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is that time again. The time for….


Some of you may remember the highly successful Cupcake Bake-off Vroman’s held last August. From what I hear, it was kind of amazing. Looking at the pictures from the event makes me want to eat lots of cupcakes. Luckily, on June 26th, that is exactly what I will do.

On that deliciously fateful day, Jen Yates will be presenting and signing her new book, Cake Wrecks. If you’ve ever taken a look at the Cake Wrecks blog, you know you’ll be in for a treat that day (har, har). The images she digs up are amazing, but it’s really Jen’s commentary that makes these failed cakes totally hilarious. She will be showing slides and answering questions about her new book.

Pictures of cake, however, only get you so far, and that’s where all of us come in. It is cupcake contest time.

This one will work a little differently than last year. First and foremost, professional baker Sweet Art Cupcakes will be bringing plenty of cake for all, so there is no need to make a huge batch. In fact, to enter, you only need three things:

  • One cupcake, decorated to match your favorite Cake Wreck from book or blog,
  • A board or plate to put your cupcake on,
  • A pen/pencil/piping bag to write your name on the plate or board (we’ll provide sharpies if you forget).

I have been informed that anyone entering cupcakes under the name “Your Name” will get a laugh but no credit, so choose wisely, smartypants. Since Vroman’s and Sweet Art Cupcakes will be providing cupcakes for this event and this is a decoration challenge, not a taste challenge, you can leave the rest of the batch at home (or bring it to share if that is too much of a temptation… that’s my plan, anyway). Jen will do the judging and she has some incredible prizes for the winners, so get your wreck on!

Plus, if you win, you’re guaranteed to get a picture of your cupcake on this blog. What can compare to minor internet fame, after all?

Since there has been a little confusion, I thought I needed to clarify:

  • There will be cupcakes at the event, provided by Sweet Art Cupcakes. Those are just for eating.They have nothing to do with the contest.
  • The cupcake contest entry is a cupcake you bring from home. You only need to bring one decorated cupcake to the event.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.