Did we Mention it was Monday???

by Jessica on May 11, 2015

It may be Monday but that means you can just work on adding books to your to-read pile instead of actually working…well don’t tell your boss that! To help you in that courageous endeavor browse our Staff Picks for the week! 

My Mom is a Fob: Earnest Advice in Broken English from Your Asian-American Mom 
By Teresa Wu, Serena Wu

This book is hilarious. No Asian American kid is ecstatic about his/her fresh-off-the-boat giveaways. And if one’s parent (mom here) has an aspect of fobiness, we probably were sometimes embarrassed (or mortified). But this book shines a bold and unapologetic light on the Asian mom in America situation. I’ve never felt so proud.

Recommended by Jeeyeon

Gerald’s Game 
By Stephen King

One of my favorite King stories and one I always recommend. The story; a couple decide to rekindle their marriage in a remote cabin in the woods. Bondage occurs then one of them dies leaving the other bound, alone, naked and with no way to escape. Excellent read that takes you through the pain of being restrained while you spouse’s dead body rots on the floor next to you.

Recommended by Guy

In the Blink of an Eye: A Perspective on Film Editing 
By Walter Murch, Francis Ford Coppola

Murch explains the editing theory he developed while working on films like The Godfather Part II and Apocalypse Now. Part theory, part history, this is required reading for film buffs and artists.

Recommended by James Roland

Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha
By Coco Rocha, Steven Sebring

If you are into fashion, dance, modeling, and photography, this book is for you. Use it on set for some spontaneous inspiration or for your own personal reference. Sometimes we forget all the amazing things our bodies can do.

Recommended by Chelsea

By Anthony Horowitz

Nothing is as it seems in this novel. With the death of Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes the crime world of London is thrown into disarray. But a new kingpin arrives and begins causing mayhem for Scotland Yard. Can Scotland Yard and its allies stop the mysterious character before it’s too late? Find out today!

Recommended by Mycah