Diverse Content from Pasadena Indie Publisher, Balcony 7

by Jessica on March 25, 2016

by JZ Bingham, VP Acquisitions, Editor-in-Chief,  Balcony 7 Media and Publishing

Avid readers in the Los Angeles area looking for an eclectic mix of fiction series may look no further than their own backyard. Balcony 7 Media and Publishing, based in Pasadena, offers “an intriguing mix of titles,” according to the Library Journal. With a hands-on approach to creativity and nurturing debut authors for the long term, we’ve taken a page directly out of legendary Scribner’s editor Max Perkins’ book: Our boutique press invests in publishing authors, not merely titles. Those authors that spark our interest may indeed spark yours, with their prolific works and unique takes on popular genres.

Whether business fiction, historical fiction, or contemporary novellas, we nurture budding franchises worth your time: each author’s expertise shines in their work; the topics are fresh and timely; and every title has an educational component embedded within its literary value.

Balcony 7 is proud to introduce exceptional titles slated for Spring/Summer 2016:

First up, April 21st:  Volume One of a biannual release of contemporary novellas in Patricia Mahon’s Stories from the Age of Distraction series. Praise by Kirkus as “a sweetly earnest utopian metafiction” only touches the surface of the underlying theme. Mahon, a literary scholar, goes right to the crossroads of human communication in the Internet age to ignite a global dialogue that preserves the art of storytelling, threatened by smart technology, digital detachment, and the loss of human interaction. This modern fiction sequence takes a speechwriter, a schoolteacher, and a Silicon Valley techno-savant on a worldwide voyage, led by the entries of global participants in their viral storytelling app. Fantasy meets reality meets fantasy—in a mind-bending marriage of contemporary muses and excerpts from literary geniuses that span the centuries. These excerpts from classic literature are organically presented throughout the novella to great effect, reminding readers that the art of storytelling is invaluable and timeless; it’s the narrative of generations, layered over time to embody our very humanity. Each installment takes readers to a new destination, in pursuit of master storytellers around the world.

Coming May 5th: The Vox Populi series of historical fiction by Pasadena resident, Dr. Cy Stein, an impassioned lover of ancient Roman history and one of America’s top doctors for cancer, currently practicing at the City of Hope. Stein’s novels resurrect the voice of the people in ancient Rome through deeply developed fictional characters whose lives intertwine with the real nobles of the time. This angle allows contemporary color while Stein’s decades of knowledge about historical facts stays true to reality. The Medicus Codex, book one, is the tumultuous journey of a medicus, a physician, from that of unwelcome transplant from Galilee to the Roman Emperor’s personal physician. When that emperor is the teenage Elagabalus, circa 225 CE, the human conflict reaches a crescendo, underscoring timeless struggles rooted in power, money, sex, and survival. Book two, Caligula and I (Spring 2017), continues to resonate the voice of the people, going back even further in time to incorporate Tiberius, Claudius, Pontius Pilatus, and a unique perspective of the infamous Caligula. The medicus aspect is a common thread in Vox Populi, adding flavor to ancient Roman life along multiple tangents.

Slated for May 19th: Book two of a Silicon Valley series by Ann Bridges, whose business fiction embodies hi-tech espionage, bouncing from California to Washington, D.C., to China. Rare Mettle picks up where Private Offerings (Sept. 2015) left off, following the trail of rare earth metals, the key ingredient to the devices we cannot live without, nor can our defense department. Rare earths are the new oil, and their potential embargo from a politically posturing nation such as China could be devastating to Silicon Valley, and has already happened to Japan in real life. Pundits claim the U.S. is at risk and the threat is being glossed over. Bridges brings this worse-case scenario to light through page-turning fiction that not only depicts the importance of the highly refined minerals themselves but also of those who risk their lives to prevent the weakening of our nation’s security. Endorsed by government insiders and rare earths experts, Bridges exposes our contemporary Achilles heel. In true Bridges’ style, romance and passion plays as strong a role as love of country.

More information on these authors and their titles is available at www.balcony7.com, including many juvenile fiction works we’re excited about, as well. Two picture books debut in June: Little Boy Soup by Joshua Russell and Amalia Hillmann; and Shark Boys, by Laurie Krueger and Rex Perry. Other cartoon picture books include Balcony 7’s in-house creations, the Salty Splashes Collection™, as well as preteen novel, Piranhas Like S’mores, which placed 6th out of over 1,300 submissions for the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Awards.

Boutique publishing at Balcony 7 means fresh takes on popular genres. Our indie passion nurtures the art of storytelling for today’s readers. All books are available in multiple formats, including eBooks, and are available wherever books are sold. Book club discussion guides are available upon request.