by Ruby on December 6, 2010

As of today, independent bookstores all over the country (Vroman’s included!) are now selling Google Editions e-books. These books live in the “cloud”, so you can access them from almost any e-reading device at any time. They’re really easy to find on our website, too: just go to the search page and select “Google eBooks” in the Format drop-down menu. Easy-peasy, in fact.

This partnership is a big deal for independent bookstores – we’ve basically been given a way to compete against larger chain stores and internet retailers when it comes to electronic reading. As I was looking around for the reactions of other indie stores, I ran across a wonderful post by Gayle from Changing Hands Bookstore, located in Tempe, AZ.


The holidays are here, and our staff is geared up and ready. People are asking us, “What do you think of e-books and e-readers?” A good question, often posed anxiously by customers with a friend or family member who’s curious about digital reading devices, or who themselves are ready to divide their own reading time between the page and the screen. The question has become more urgent this year as iPads and Kindles start appearing on holiday… (read more)

Their post expresses so eloquently what I’m sure most Indies have been thinking about this whole e-book thing, I figured I’d let them speak for all of us here at Vroman’s, for the moment at least. They just got it exactly right.

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    Kwei Quartey 12.19.10 at 2:05 pm

    I think the the Google e-reader is one way to “make friends” with e-books, which during 2009 and 2010 looked like they might well have a devastating effect on the bricks and mortar bookstores.

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