Eating Animals 3: The Arbitrary Carnivore

by Patrick on November 6, 2009

No, that’s not the name of a chapter from a Michael Pollan book, though it could be.  In this short video, we again visit with Sherri Gallentine, as well as drop in on my wife Edan as she prepares to cook dinner.


[Note:  the theory about animals that I put forth during the horse section isn’t mine.  It’s from an academic essay I read years ago.  I tried to figure out who wrote it, but if one of you fine viewers knows, please drop a line in the comments so that he or she may get credit.]

All this week, my wife and I have refrained from eating any factory farm meat, though in reality, we rarely eat this meat anyway.  The one meal with meat that we ate was a sausage pasta from this fine Jamie Oliver cookbook.  The sausage was from Rocky Canyon Farms.  We purchased it from the farmer at the Hollywood Farmers Market.  Vroman’s Bookstore would like to ask everyone to take this week and next and think about where there food — meat or not — comes from, and to consider the ethical, environmental and healthy implications of that.

This is the last video in our series on eating (and not eating) animals.  This was a series we ran to get ready for our event with Jonathan Safran Foer this Sunday, when he reads from and signs his new book Eating Animals.  We hope you’ll join us for what will be a very interesting and lively discussion.  Bonus!  Jacket Copy interviews Jonathan Safran Foer.  Also, check out his website, which has lots of useful information to help you avoid factory meat, should you decide to do so.