Some Links About Ebooks

by Patrick on February 1, 2010

I’m not going to get into the great ebook price war of 2010.  Why?  I don’t have the energy.  Or the desire.  Or the time.  If you’re interested in it, there are a plethora of great links out there.  Please go read them.  In the meantime, here are few interesting pieces on ebooks, piracy and innovation:

  • The Confessions of a Book Pirate piece at The Millions has spawned over 150 comments.  Many of them are well worth your time.  Others are sub-literate.  The two sides of the debate seem to be “ebooks aren’t worth much so why should I pay” with “you’re stealing my books!”  It’s a lot of fun to sift through all that noise.
  • Marian Schembari has a very interesting post up at Digital Book World.  She challenges the anti-piracy plan that Macmillan put forward at the DBW conference.  It’s interesting, if for no other reason than it offers a glimpse into the mind of a young consumer who is willing to play ball with traditional publishers if they get their act together.  (Thanks to HarperStudio and Debbie Stier for the link.)
  • Finally, a post on the Book Oven blog offers an optimistic take on the potential of the iPad“But for people like my mother, asking her to play around with her computer until it works kind of like asking me to play around with a German dictionary until I speak German. It can probably be done, but it’s not going to happen.”

That’s all.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more happy thoughts from the analog world.