El Molino Avenue Parking Lot Entrance Will Be Closing

by Rachel on March 31, 2014

A portion of our parking lot and the adjacent buildings will be undergoing some changes soon and we just wanted to keep you in the loop about everything that is going on.  Please stay tuned— we will be sharing more information, maps, and images as we receive them from the developers.

Beginning the week of March 31st, a new Mack Urban development project will begin construction behind the Vroman’s main store on Colorado Blvd.

This will mean a few changes:

•    For years, Vroman’s has leased the parking spaces between the movie theater and the office building in order to provide customers with more parking. But these spaces actually belong to the developer and will be going away. (Unfortunately, it was not possible to buy the spaces.)

•    The El Molino Ave. entrance to the parking lot behind Vroman’s will be closed permanently.

•    Our handicap spots will be relocated.

•    Construction will be going on for the next 18 months.

Unfortunately, this is not a Vroman’s project so we do not have any control over the impact on our business, or you, our customers. But we remain hopeful that you will continue to support us during this critical time. And that in the long run, this multi-use building—apartments, restaurant, and retail, with underground parking—will be a wonderful addition to our community.

Things that won’t change:
•    All of the entrances to our building will continue to stay open.

•    Our other parking lot entrances (Oak Knoll Ave. and Union St.) will of course be open.

•    Our main parking lot of over 200 spaces will still be open. There is still nearby pay parking as well at Trio on El Molino, the city lot at Union St. & El Molino Ave., and across the street behind The Arcade building, off of Green St.

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.


If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to email us at email@vromansbookstore.com or comment on this post. We will also be keeping you updated about the construction here on our blog as we receive more information. Thank you again for all your support!