Employee Picks | Holiday Gift Edition!

by Rachel on December 13, 2012

Creating employee picks, or “shelf talkers,” as we call them, is one of the (many!) great things about working at Vroman's.  They're basically mini book reviews that customers genuinely trust and enjoy reading.  As a Vroman's employee, you spend a lot of time with the merchandise, which basically means you have 8 hours each day to convince yourself  that you really do need that paperback/ photo book/ scarf/ pair of earrings/ candle/ gigantic narwhal stuffed animal.  So, knowing this, I thought I would run around the store to bother my fellow employees (during the absolute busiest time of day), put them on the spot, and ask them, “If you could pick any item in the store to give or receive as a gift, what would it be?”

Tree Houses: Fairy Castles in the Air by Philip Jodidio
The houses are beautiful & I have always wished I had my own little hideaway.Regina, Book Department

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman
I’m a big fan of her blog & recipes in general.
Jen, Promotional Director

Kobo GloKobo Glo eReader
It has a no-glare screen and backlight!
Johnny, Assistant Manager (cashiers)

V for VendettaV for Vendetta Deluxe Collector Set by Alan Moore
This collector set features one of the most influential graphic novels and comes with your very own Annonymous mask.
Mr. Steve, Children's department/ Sale Book Buyer

Lost at Sea by Jon Ronson
It's kind of like a playlist of Jon Ronson writing-  he's great!
Sarah, book department

Route 66 Encylopedia by Jim Hinckley
It makes me want to take a road trip- it has great vintage photos and facts, all in alphabetical order!
Anne, Visual Merchandising Manager

Canal House Cooks Everyday by Christopher Hirscheimer & Melissa Hamilton
These recipes make sense and are for home cooks, plus the photography is just beautiful.
Sherri, Head Book Buyer

Art and Madness:  A Memoir of Lust Without Reason by Anne Roiphe
It's the story of a women who was a muse to many artists and writers, struggling with how she would one day be able to create her own art- really interesting story!
Jo, Book Department

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles: Art & Design
by Weta Workshop

The photographs and drawings are beautiful, and I've been excited for this move for 5 years!
Madalyne, Buying Dept. Administrative Assistant

Princesse Grace de Monaco ballpoint pen by Mont Blanc
It's absolutely gorgeous with its pink topaz and champagne gold settings.
Cara, Pen & Stationery Department

Cashmere Scarves (assorted patterns, 100% cashmere, $28.95)
They make great gifts for both guys & gals- and who doesn't love plaid?!
Alison, Assistant Promotional Director

The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker
A stunning, unsettling book that I just couldn't stop thinking about, even long after I had finished it.
Rachel, Digital Media Coordinator (me!)

Puppyhood: Life-size Portraits of Puppies at 6 Weeks Old by J. Nichole Smith
A book that will make you go “Awwwwwwww!”
Nicole, Assistant Manager, Book Department

So there you go- the (Vroman's) people have spokenAnd don't worry, there are plenty more gift ideas where those came from, just stop on by!