Everybody Works on Monday

by Patrick on May 25, 2009

Except, apparently, this particular Monday.  It was like the day after Zombie apocalypse today on the Metro.  Anyway, I am working.  Lucky for you, right?  Otherwise, how would you know about these fine links.

  • Via Boing Boing:  A student runs a lending library of banned books out of her locker. It’s so popular, she has to expand into the vacant locker next to hers.  Not only does this story warm my heart, but it also makes me think we’ve been over-thinking this whole “how to get kids interested in books” thing.  Maybe the answer is to tell them they can’t read them.  Later today, I’ll be roping off the kids section of our store.
  • The Guest DJ Project is a fun show on KCRW where they bring in someone — a writer, an actor, a chef — and have him or her talk about the songs that were important to them.  It’s a great mash up of essayistic writing and curation, and it’s precisely the sort of thing that appeals to me.  Check out this recent episode with Evan Wright, author of Generation Kill and Hella Nation.