Featuring a Project From Our Own Danielle Borsch!

by Jessica on August 28, 2014

We are so excited to feature a really cool project by our own Danielle Borsch called NAME THIS MOVIE!!

Danielle has been in the book industry for six years. For over a year now, she has been managing the Children’s & Young Adult Department here at Vroman’s. I’m sure many readers of this blog have been helped by Danielle when searching in the Kid’s Department.

Fellow Vroman’s employees Waylon Bacon and Steve Ross also helped out with the campaign video!

The idea came from Danielle’s partner, Mike Winingham. Mike is an award winning screenwriter and will pen the screenplay based on the backers’ selections. He will also direct the final feature film.


The basis of NAME THIS MOVIE is this. We’ve all sat around at coffee shops and diners talking about how we would make this movie different or that we liked this part but we would change that part. Well, with NAME THIS MOVIE you can do just that!

The first of it’s kind, NAME THIS MOVIE is 100% socially-created. At feature-length, YOU are able to choose the plot, the characters and more! It’s a film that will be created by fans for fans.

But what is a socially-created film? For as little as $1, backers earn a vote toward the film’s title and literally “Name This Movie.” Higher pledges give the backers say in additional categories, including:

What is the GENRE of the film?
What does the VILLAIN want?
Is the LOVE STORY a major or minor part of the film?
Does the film have a HAPPY ENDING?

In addition to casting votes on the film’s content, backers can also select special experiences – tickets to events, visits to set, apprenticeships on the film and sweet swag  – posters, mugs, and even one-of-a-kind props!

Deadline.com reported, “Thousands of filmmakers have used Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other sites to crowdsource money and other aspects of the movie-creation process. Michael Winingham seems to have taken that process to its logical end with Name This Movie.”

The Kickstarter campaign was launched on August 1 and goes until September 30.

Check out the campaign video here!

To join in on the fun and be a part of the movie making process check out the Kickstarter page!

For more information check out the NAME THIS MOVIE website!

Or find them on Facebook & Twitter for up-to-date news!