For the Love of Cuteness

by Ruby on December 2, 2011

Today’s blog is a guest post from Nicole, who works in the book department. She is a connoisseur of everything cute, and she has some great recommendations for cute-lovers everywhere…

cuteHi, my name is Nicole and I am a sucker for cuteness.  Yes, I’m the one that buys specific brands because there’s a puppy on the advertisement.  I am constantly oohing and aawing over cute babies with adorable chubby cheeks and awkward baby animals that can’t seem to walk without falling over.

It’s the little things in life that make me happy, and if those little things happen to be cute, cuddly and adorable, then I will end my days with a smile.  If you’re like me, or know someone like me, please read on.

There are so many books and products in the store right now that I’ve been cooing over lately that I felt a need to share it with the masses (or at least the people that read this blog.)

So, for the love of all that is cute in the world, please consider buying one of my favorite products.  If you don’t buy one for yourself, buy one for someone you love.

Feel Better Little BuddyFeel Better Little Buddy by Julia Segal
This is the book that never fails to cheer me up.  It’s an absolutely adorable book of animals that have had a bad day (think dogs with casts on, cats with bandages, and other little critters that seem to be having a rough time.)

Puppies in 3-D by Yoneo Morita
Pretty much what it sounds like.  It’s a book of puppies that (if you use the included viewer) appear in 3-D.  Also check out Kittens in 3-D.  If you don’t have a pet, at least you can imagine one is sitting, running, or playing in your own home with this handy little book!

Owl Be HomeOwl Be Home Pocket Potholder
Owls are SOO in right now!  This pot holder is so cute, I don’t even want to ruin it by holding pots with it!  Luckily, it also includes 20 recipe cards and a tea towel to match.  Come and check it out on our Holiday display! Also check out our other owl products like the Hoot! Hoot! Lip Gloss, Owl Eraser/Sharpener, Owl & Stars socks by K. Bell Socks, and the Owl LED Pens.

Oh my!  Are these things cute!  They come in two different sizes and in an array of different animals.  I’d buy them for my younger siblings for the holidays, but I know I’d just end up keeping them for myself.  They are soft squishy plush animals that are the perfect round size for cuddling.

Let’s switch gears a bit now and talk about the cute products that are a bit mean.

Selfish PigsSelfish Pigs by Andy Riley
It’s pretty much what it sounds like.  A book of cartoons of pigs doing selfish things like destroying snowmen, blocking roadways, stealing soft drinks, and using all the umbrellas in a storm.  These “Adorably Awful Little Swine” are so popular that there is a book of Selfish Pigs, a large wall calendar, and a small mini wall calendar.  Buy one, two or all three of them!

Bald GuyBald Guy greeting cards
These are hands down my absolute FAVORITE greeting cards.  They’re funny, sarcastic, and a bit mean, yet they all have the same sentiment…I bought this card for you.  That’s it.

I could go on and on, but I shouldn’t.  I need to leave some space for other bloggers.  Feel free to find me in the store and I can show you the awesome stuff that you can buy for your loved ones for the holiday.  And maybe you can buy your favorite bookseller cute Hedgehog Dryer Balls or T-Rex Tea Infusers (psst… they’re on my Christmas list this year!).

– Nicole