Get Free Tickets to see Depak Chopra!

by Ruby on September 29, 2011

War of the WorldviewsHow did the universe emerge?  What is the nature of time? What is life? What makes us human?  What is the connection between mind and brain? Bestselling authors Deepak Chopra and Leonard Mlodinow first met in a televised Caltech debate on “the future of God,” one an articulate advocate for spirituality, the other a prominent physicist.  War of the Worldviews: Science versus Spirituality is the product of that serendipitous encounter and the contentious—but respectful—clash that grew out of the friendship between these two great thinkers.  See them live as they probe the fundamental questions that define the human experience.

Sound interesting? Well, lucky for you, Vroman’s has agreed to sell books for this Live Talks Los Angeles production, and they have offered us 20 pairs of free tickets to give to the first 20 people to click on this link and RSVP for the talk. If there aren’t any tickets left, you can always purchase them online here.

This event takes place at All Saints Church on Tuesday, October 11th at 7:30pm. Please contact Live Talks Los Angeles with any further questions.