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by Patrick on September 23, 2009

It's Wednesday afternoon, which means there's a lot out there to point out.  Here's what we're excited about at the moment:

  • I'm mentioning it again:  The Millions will begin the Top 5 of its countdown of the best fiction of the young millennium tomorrow, with number 1 coming on Friday.  In the meantime, post your own Top 5 in the comments of the post.  If you're wondering what mine is, well, you'll have to wait a bit, as I was on the panel that helped decide, so mine will be featured on the site next week.
  • McSweeney's has not abandoned its mission to save print, but it has released an iPhone app called The Small Chair.  I downloaded it earlier today, and I'm pretty impressed.  There's a lot to explore, which is a good thing, and the interface is pretty slick.  We'll see how it works with the video content they've got coming soon (including a short film by Spike Jonze).