Guest Post: Buy local, locally for complete localness.

by Ruby on February 3, 2012

Today’s guest post comes from David Kupisiewicz, author of one of our Local Author titles, Becoming Johnny Nova, which is available in paperback in store and online.

Becoming Johnny NovaAlright I know that the title makes me sound as if I’ve gone loco, but I do have a point. We all know the great advantages to buying locally. As Ruby has said in this very blog, it even goes as far as reducing your carbon footprint. Sounds like win, win, win all round. But there are even more advantages to buying local, locally. Alright that still doesn’t make sense. Perhaps I should try to explain with an example.

We all know that great feeling you get when you read a romance novel and think “I know that feeling”. Or even a murder mystery set in a locale where you’ve been. Reading a rock band bio and knowing “I was at that concert!” Well buying local authors’ works can give you that warm fuzzy feeling a dozen times over.

Living in Pasadena or anywhere in Southern California, makes it easy for us to do that. The book store shelves are full of novels set in the area, tributes to the icons, bios of celebs that inhabit our hometowns, and even the local guides (where to eat, visit, and shop) can all bring a knowing smile to our faces.

Case in point…  Becoming Johnny Nova does a great job at that. A rite of passage tale set in the Pasadena/Arcadia area in the early 80’s, Johnny’s wild adventures take us through New Years Eve on the Rose Parade route, late night adventures at the Arboretum in Arcadia, cruising in Whittier, the night clubs of Hollywood, and lots of other places we know and many of us have been to. This refreshing tale also hits home with pretty much all of us who struggled through late adolescence thinking ‘who am I and who will I become?’ ‘Johnny’ is not only full of places and struggles that locals can relate to, but will have you laughing (a lot), cheering, tearing up, and have you pinned to the pages ‘knowing’ the people, smelling the night air, hearing the music, and reliving the feeling of the unabashed anarchy of youth.

So do it. Go out to your local bookstore, (Vroman’s comes to mind) and grab yourself something local. Something for yourself or for that guy you know that really should read a little more often. And tell Johnny I said “Hi”.