The Bunny Blog

by Ruby on March 16, 2012

Today's guest post comes from Katie, who has previously blogged about Jet Set Desolate, a book by one of our Local Authors.

Do you know what I really like? Bunnies. And March at Vroman’s has thus far been largely about bunnies.

Entering the store from the parking lot, by the main registers, the first thing one will encounter if they look to their right is our seasonal wall, which is currently set up for Easter and is thus filled with all manner of bunnyalia: figurines, decorations, napkins, and candles are just a few denizens of this rabbit roundup. A glance to the right reveals a spinner of humorous and adorable Easter cards, many of which are bunny-themed. Upstairs, yet more rabbit regalia awaits.

My interest in bunnies is selfish. I am in fact the owner of a bunny, one Giblets von Giblets, dubbed by my friend Damian as “the best bunny in Echo Park, and possibly the world.” I wholeheartedly concur with this assessment; modesty and Giblets do not go hand in hand. When he’s not hiding under the bed working on his flying machine (he is an industrious little bun,) he is building an empire of internet fame. You can add him on Facebook via this link – I’m sure he will be flattered. Not surprisingly, Easter is his favorite time of year.

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