Happy Pi Day!

by Ruby on March 14, 2012

The Vroman's breakroom is a wonderful place.

A few weeks ago, this poster appeared in the employee areas of the store (click to enlarge):


And, lo and behold, today the breakroom was filled with a delicious, rotating assortment of pies. What follows is photos of just a few of the delectable treats we encountered, each with a link to a book about pie (or pi) for those who are inspired. Enjoy.

Chocolate Cream
Chocolate cream pie.

Upside down pie… still delicious!

Classic Pecan Pie. Yum.

Ice Cream Pie
Ice Cream Pie. Yeah buddy.

Sawdust Pie
Sawdust pie is much, much better than it sounds.

Cherry Tart
Chocolate Cherry tarts and Mixed Berry tarts (not pictured – all consumed) were my contribution. It went well.

I wasn't able to get pictures of all of the pies, so if you are one of the fabulous people who brought a pie and your pie isn't here, I'm sorry! Seriously though. Vroman's is a great place to work.