Help Write a Book!

by Ruby on March 9, 2012

In order to fulfill a childhood dream, and to encourage his kids to love reading, artist Michael Klaus Schmidt has been writing and illustrating a series of children’s books called The Adventures of the Salamander.   The series started with a story, written by five year old Michael, which sparked a life-long love of writing.

The Adventures of the Salamander is a story for kids and adults about a salamander whose village has been invaded by mean spirited lizards.  The 10 volumes chronicle ‘Slippy’s’ ongoing adventures as he attempts to free his family from lizard oppression.  Michael believes that this is a story which needs to be told.

The book will address themes which focus on values, such as being honest, trusting your friends, being patient, and more. Not all the lizards are bad and not all the salamanders are good in this book;  it makes the point that it is your actions, not your appearance, that is important.  While all these are very serious issues, the book will be a light-hearted, fun, fantasy adventure, suitable for children.

Michael is a working artist and illustrator, and his busy schedule keeps him from working on his books full-time, as he’d like to do. So… he’s started a kickstarter fund! If he gets enough pledges to fully fund his project, Kickstarter will charge the people who have pledged money and send that money on to Michael. If not, no one gets charged. He’s got a little over a week to reach his goal, and he could use all the help he can get!

You can head over to his kickstarter page to see images from the book and more info about him and the project. Check out the original story, it is hilarious and adorable. And keep an eye out for the Adventures of the Salamander!