Introducing Humans of the Bookstore!

by Jessica on September 15, 2014

We have something really special to introduce to you!

In November, we are celebrating our 120th anniversary! Crazy, huh? We couldn’t be more proud of this achievement. We’re working on planning all sorts of fun things to help you celebrate with us!

One of those things is something we are calling Humans of the Bookstore!
It will be located on our Tumblr.

Throughout the years, so many people have been a part of helping us or supporting us in some way so that we can continue to be such a great bookstore. This is our way of thanking those people! We’re talking to customers, authors, buyers, maintenance crew, anyone and everybody that has helped shape us in some way. The conversations we’ve had with them, along with their photos will be posted on the Humans of the Bookstore Tumblr. I’ll be posting a little taste on this blog too.

Please follow along with us on this journey in celebrating YOU! We’ll keep you updated with all the other things we are planning as well and hope that you join us in this celebration! Please help us spread the word about this project as well. Please use the hashtag #HOTB when you are re-posting to your personal social media.

Thank YOU for being such a vital part of Vroman’s!