It’s a Glorious Morning

by Patrick on February 18, 2009

Today is possibly the most beautiful day we’ve had in Los Angeles in months.  When I stepped off the train in Pasadena, the air was crisp but bright with that clear sunlight that only California can offer, and there was snow on the mountains.  I say this not to rub salt in the wounds of those of you reading this in far-flung locales like New York City or Lodz, but because it needs to be said.  Today is a beautiful day.

And now for some dispatches from my windowless office.

  • Cory Doctorow has posted an excellent question at Boing Boing:  How are you coping with your collapse-anxiety? He’s invited people to comment on just that.  Two words, Cory:  Makers.  Mark.  Seriously, though, this last part seems particularly relevant to me:  “My favorite cafe (the one near the kid’s day-care shut suddenly one day with a “Closed for Refurnshment” (sic) sign in the window, and now the window is plastered with signs for the second-rate cafe across the street, which gets points for cheekiness, if not coffee; if you’re reading this, Coffee At Goswell Road baristas, I miss you!)? The burrito stand in Exmouth Market? Will the publisher of that half-finished series of books I love last long enough to finish it?”