It’s All Over: The Tournament of Books Recap & Prediction

by Patrick on March 31, 2009

The Tournament of Books picked its winner today: A Mercy, by Toni Morrison.  After all that talk of YA novels and underdogs, it’s one of the heavy-hitters who takes it home.  As for our little pool, who won this thing, anyway?  Well, after I made the mistake of bragging, my pool went in roughly the same direction my NCAA pool went:  down.  In the end, the winner of our pool was … a tie!  Of course.  Here’s how it broke down:  Edan won easily up to the Zombie round, accumulating 15 points.  Emma was getting shredded through the Zombie round, but she still had her champ alive, and when A Mercy won in the finals, that gave her 6 more points, bringing her into a tie with Edan.

Here’s how the standings shaped up:

1.  Edan – 15 points

1. Emma – 15 points  (And the only person to correctly predict the winner!)

3. Patrick – 14 points

4. Jennah – 6 points

4. Erik – 6 points

4. John – 6 points

The two winners will get some sort of prize.  At some point.  I’ll have to figure that out (I probably should’ve done that first, no?).  Regardless of what you might think of the Tournament of Books, it’s difficult to deny that it stimulates conversation about the books involved.  I’m a big fan, and I can’t wait for next years.  I wonder what books will be in it?  In any case, I’m going to call it now:  The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno will win next year’s Tournament of Books (provided that the last two chapters of his book don’t go pro).  You heard it here first.