It’s an Awesome Thing: B-Log

by Ruby on October 27, 2011

I post the It’s an Awesome Thing series whenever I run across something particularly awesome in the store. It may include books, gift items, stationery items, etc., but they will all tend towards the quirky, cool, and just plain strange. It could happen daily, monthly, or never again, but then again, we have so many incredible things I’m sure that finding stuff to feature won’t be the problem.

Today’s Awesome Thing comes to you straight from… the woods? Perfect for anyone who wants the feeling of sleeping in the great outdoors without any of the discomfort, the Log Pillow is, well, a log. And a pillow.


Lucky for me, there’s already a commercial for logs:

Because everyone wants a log! If YOU want one, you can either come in to the store, or e-mail and ask for the Log Head Cushion (extremely specific, I know). They’re only $17.95, and if you want to snuggle up with a log, they’re your #1 splinter-free choice.

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AmberG 10.31.11 at 10:43 am

Everyone wants a log!

Top Gear 11.03.11 at 5:28 pm

I remember this like it was yesterday… I mean the log. The whole time I was singing the Log song, and when one of my coworkers came in the room, she started singing it too. The 10 year old girls looked at us like we were crazy. Man, I miss this show…

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