LA Times Festival of Books: Recap

by Ruby on April 28, 2010

Phew! I amĀ  finally beginning to recover from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – what an amazing and exhausting three days! Friday was set-up, which went really smoothly (once we figured out how to make all of our tables fit). Saturday and Sunday were solid signings for me, and super busy for everyone else. The booth was packed to bursting all day both days, and between the two of us me and Ali hosted 15 author signings. That’s more than two weeks of authors on our normal schedule!

Vroman's Booth

There’s the Vroman’s booth on Sunday morning, before the Festival even officially opened. That was probably the only time you could get from the signing booth (front right corner) to the registers (back left corner) without leaving the tent and going around. The whole festival was packed all day, both days:

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

I didn’t have a lot of time to visit other booths, but just walking around on my lunch break was awesome. There were books galore, free stuff, people in costumes, guerrilla art (although I missed Human Tetris), and more, including these odd little guys:


(I also came to the conclusion over the course of the weekend that people who read and love books have the cutest children. It must be genetic or something. Every child I saw was so adorable.)

I also stopped by Book Soup and snapped a picture of Charles in one of our new Out Of Print t-shirts, which we’re carrying now at both Vroman’s and Book Soup. I want them all, but I do particularly like his choice:

Moby Dick

He conveniently posed in front of the display, so you can see some more designs behind him. Fahrenheit 451, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and Catcher in the Rye are some of my favorites, but really, I could probably fill my wardrobe with these shirts and be totally happy. Best part? Book-related t-shirts are in dress code at work. Oh yeah. (Those are links to the books, by the way, not the shirts. Can’t wear something you haven’t read!)

The author signing were a huge part of the festival for me, and of course a huge highlight. All of our authors were totally wonderful, and each one of them brought something different and interesting to the booth. John Vorhaus offered to sign books by other authors and Marisa Matarazzo actually did it, Matthew Reinhart explained how he made his crazy pop-up books, Jef Czekaj rapped and drew animals on request, and Lou Gossett, Jr. had an impromptu Mod Squad reunion with star Michael Cole (Mr. Gossett appeared on three different episodes throughout the series):

Mod Squad

Every single one of our authors was an absolute pleasure to have at the booth, and you should buy and read all of their books, as we informed Festival goers throughout the weekend. You can find a full list of the authors we hosted here (just scroll down the page a little).

It was a very busy two days, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. Of course, no matter how tired we actually were, the entire Vroman’s staff maintained our smiles (and adorableness) to the very end.


See? Loving books makes you automatically awesome, even if you aren’t a little kid anymore. Photographic proof.

UntilĀ  next year, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books!