by Ruby on April 21, 2010

Hello internet. I know I’ve been very quiet this week, and unfortunately that will have to continue. With the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend (Vroman’s is at booth #367!) and a brand-spankin’-new calendar of Vroman’s events for May and June going up over the next week and a half, I have been swamped. I am soooo looking forward to the Festival, and you should expect blogs, pictures, and maybe even video of our time there, but for now I am spending my time making spreadsheets, taking things to kinkos, and generally not blogging. It’ll pick up soon, I promise.

For now, we got a (possibly unintentional?) shout out from Jeff Howe (@crowdsourcing) on his Huffington Post blog about #1b1t. That ‘Pasadena’ in the 4th paragraph? Yeah. That was me.