Laura Bush, Really Cool Bookstore Blogs, Etc…

by Ruby on May 13, 2010

I think “Holy line around the corner @vromans” was my favorite comment about the Laura Bush Spoken from the Heart event on Tuesday (courtesy of @BostonCourt). That was a pretty accurate description – it stretched from the event space upstairs down through the store, out the door, and almost all the way up to Union as the event approached. Big line! Everyone in it was extraordinarily patient and helpful, though, happy to stand out in the sun until Ms. Bush started signing. Then the line moved incredibly fast, and people started coming out smiling, and excellent sign of an event’s success.

Other signs of success? Try the front of the Pasadena Star-News on for size. The Newsstand was sold out by the time we realized, so we had to go down the block to get some copies for the office. There are also pictures and tweets compiled by the Pasadena Rose Magazine. Post-event, our staff snapped this photo:


In other news, the Vroman’s Blog got included on this list of 50 Really Cool Bookstore Blogs. In addition to being called “really cool”, I particularly like this list because it really does collect some of the best book blogs out there. Stop on by if you’re looking for something else to read!

Extra bonus link for today: Apparently we are living in a science fiction novel (an idea I approve of). Check out this blog post, which makes me want to read everything Cory Doctrow has written. Right now. (Extra thanks to Patrick for leaving a copy of Little Brother behind!)