by Patrick on August 24, 2009

It’s been awhile since I posted one of my classic link posts.  I know you’ve all been jonesin like all get up, so here you go:

  • It’s long as hell, but I still highly recommend Eric Harvey’s Social History of the MP3 at Pitchfork.  Those in the book business will likely see some scary (and maybe hopeful) analogies to their current situation.  “Mp3s, on the other hand, multiplied outside that industry’s control after being wrenched from the CD, a format created in part to make music seem like a luxury item, repurpose back catalogs, and revitalize a flagging industry.”
  • For those of you advanced internet types who read your blogs through RSS feeds, you may want to click over and actually look at the new Jacket Copy layout the LA Times has going on (as part of its general site redesign).  It’s much cleaner and features big, beautiful photographs with every post.  While you’re there:  Margaret Atwood is apparently blogging.  Read her blog of her book tour here.
  • Does the world need another news aggregator?  Slate seems to think so.  It’s launched The Slatest, hoping to keep you on their site rather than reading their articles on Digg, I suppose.  They could’ve come up with a name that didn’t so blatantly rip off seventies rockers, though, right?  Hasn’t poor Slade been through enough?