Links in the New Year

by Patrick on January 5, 2010

Suddenly, everybody is back online.  It’s like everyone is shaking the snow off their roofs (huh?).  Whatever.  I mean to say that people are blogging and tweeting again like crazy after the holiday slumber.  Here are a few choice links to kick off your January in style:

  • At Good, Anne Trubek recounts the literary decade that was.  This is great post, though it doesn’t touch on one of the worst trends of the Aughts:  the steady and increasing closure of independent bookstores.
  • If one of your resolutions for 2010 is to read more, you might want to get in on the hottest new thing — the reading retreat.  Organized by the talented Michele Filgate of RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH, the Reader’s Retreat is exactly what it sounds like:  four days in a spa-like retreat where all you do is read.  There are a few other activities planned, but the gist is that you take a break from your manic life to read a few books.  It sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?