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by Ruby on September 21, 2011

This week, we’re launching a new guideline for our author readings – to join the signing line, we are now asking that you purchase at least one copy of the author’s newest title from Vroman’s (your receipt will serve as your line ticket). In addition, if you are bringing books with you to get signed, we ask that you buy one copy of the new title for every three books from home. This adjustment got me thinking about buying local, and reasons to shop with us instead of with big box stores or massive online giants, so I thought I’d share!

Our reasoning behind this change is two-fold: first, we report event attendance and sales to publishers, and the more books we sell per person that attends the more great authors come our way. If you buy books from us, then, it is directly beneficial to you; it could be your favorite author that decides to stop in Pasadena instead of LA, next tour. Not that we don’t already have a great event calendar filled with amazing authors, of course, but you never know.

Second, shopping independent is more important than ever these days. Yes, the book you want to buy may be cheaper at any number of big chain stores or online which saves you money in the short term, but the honest truth is that the small amount of extra money you spend on a book from an independent, local store is balanced out by the huge percentage of that money that returns to your community. Spend $100 at a local and $68 of that stays in your town, creating jobs, benefiting other local merchants, and strengthening the economy in the place that you live. Spend the same $100 at a national chain, and your community only sees $43. Spend it online, and in addition to your community’s loss, your state may not see any tax revenue from that purchase – in California, that means $8.75 that our state is missing out on, and that adds up fast when California needs all the money it can get. Buying local means also means less packaging, less transportation, and a smaller carbon footprint, which is all good for our environment.

All in all, we wanted to remind the world at large how much good shopping local does for you, our store, our community, and our environment! What’s your favorite thing about shopping at Vroman’s?

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    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contibrtunig.

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